Clever Little Cherub

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21 Feb

This book, with its own brightly coloured inkpad of seven colours, is bursting with ideas for fingerprinting animals from hedgehogs to crocodiles and koalas. Buy now for just £9.99.  Each page has step by step instructions, pictures to complete and lots of space for fingerprinting. With a spiral binding so the book lies flat to make it easy for children to create delightful pictures.   Click here to buy    

11 Feb

Packed full of puzzles and games, these two titles are sure to provide hours of mind-bending fun and now you can get both for just £5.99!  Included in this brand new special offer set are: Over 50 Memory Puzzles (RRP £5.99): Puzzles include following star patterns, copying shark sketches and finding missing guinea pigs to test memory skills.  There is also space to draw, colour and complete each puzzle – perfect for long journeys! Over 80 Brain Puzzles (RRP £5.99): Children can put their brain power to the test by figuring out a pattern puzzle, doing space sums on Saturn and even solving... 

1 Feb

“How Hard Can Love Be?” By Holly Bourne, is the perfect read for any young adult this Valentines! Paperback: £7.99  All Amber wants is a little bit of love. Her mum has never been the caring type, even before she moved to California, got remarried and had a personality transplant. But Amber’s hoping that spending the summer with her can change all that.  And then there’s prom king Kyle, the guy all the girls want. Can he really be interested in anti-cheerleader Amber? Even with best friends Evie and Lottie’s advice, there’s no escaping the fact: love is...